Differences between ClickFunnels and Leadpages

Online sales can be boosted in numerous ways. To generate sales, you will need to engage more customers. Different tools and applications can help you generate leads and get more sales. Two most popular applications for generating leads and boosting sales are clickFunnels and leadpages. Though both of the applications share some common features, the ClickFunnels can help you managing sales generating leads from a platform where the leadpages control all of the landing page application.

Differences between ClickFunnels and Leadpages 


Leadpages is basically a landing page designing tool. It is used to generate leads and turn them into potential customers. Designing landing page using leadpages is quite simple, and anyone can do this using drag and drop option. To design landing pages using the leadpages doesn’t require any technical or coding knowledge. With the leadpages, you can generate leads sending email, text message, and other marketing tools.

Features of Leadpages are-

1)    You will get drag and drop option on the leadpages which will help you create a landing page with the image, text, and widgets in no time. 

2)    You will get mobile-friendly templates and use them in building different landing pages. You can pick any suitable templates and apply it using your mobile phone app.

3)    You will be able to try out different options to improve your performance. You will also get the A/B testing option which will help you to identify the options work for you.

4)    With the leadpages, you can integrate your design with different software. When you can integrate your leadpage with different software, you will be able to create more designs and bring more variations on your landing pages. 


ClickFunnel is another great tool for building and designing a landing page. You will get a lot of built-in templates in ClickFunnel. You will get a lot of features and options from this tool which will help you to boost your page and get more money. 

On ClickFunnnel, you will get funnel templates to create and organize the sales funnel. Different funnels can be used and created for optimizing a sale page more. Sales will be easier and more profitable with this tool. 

Features of ClickFunnles

ClickFunnels has some features which have made it popular to the online marketer. 

1)    ClickFunnels has easy drag and drops editor which can help you drag different templates, text, audio, images, and so on for marketing. 

2)    You will also get different landing pages software which can help you boosting and designing the page effectively. 

3)    You will get a complete website hosting using the ClickFunnel.

So, these are some features and differences between the ClickFunnels and leadpages. To know more differences between these two powerful tools, click on senseifunnel.com.